Emotional Employment – 5th Newsletter 2020

VIRTUAL MEETING IN AMADORA, PORTUGALThe current health crisis made our face to face meeting in the stunning city of Amadora unworkable. The partnership decided to meet virtually on the 24th September 2020. On the 25th September, the final multiplier event was hosted online by Aproximar. The event was a success and the meetings of the project and all activities have been completed.

The project is now coming to an end and MEH are preparing all documentation to present to the UK National Agency. It has been a great experience working on this project together. As all projects, it has been very fulfilling, lots of work done and a bit of steering to be done towards the end due to the worldwide pandemic. However, we are delighted to conclude a project where a top class product has been produced.

The aim of Emotional Employment project was to introduce new methodologies and tools for job advisors and job seekers to address the current change in the job market. Indeed, strategies, tools and skills required have suffered a massive evolution in the last years, especially in this period of economic crisis, even more acute in the Covid-19 pandemic.
During the 2-year project we have finalised 2 Intellectual Outputs with the following most important results:10 emotional skills identified for job advisors and 13 emotional skills for job seekers20 training pills and 20 tools for job advisors1 Toolbox with 30 tools for job seekers

The results emerged from the consultation with job advisors and job seekers indicated that participants in each partner country agreed on the importance of those emotional skills, especially in the process of job searching.
Indeed, emotional skills have been considered essential for both job seekers who are looking for their first employment, as they will support the relationship building process with the colleagues and with the organisation/company, and for long term unemployed. Job advisors agreed that the emotional abilities are very important in the job market, if an unemployed person is emotionally demotivated, the job search would be very difficult. Positive attitude is indeed very important.
Participants also agreed that being long term unemployed can have negative effects:Economic effect as a result of the decrease in their incomePsychological and social due to the damage in their health and individual well-being. Many job seekers faced several emotional stages, such as depression, anger, stress etc. Another negative effect is the sense of stigma of being unemployed.

Our website has been up and running for a while now. For further information on the progress of our project please look up www.emotional-employment.eu/

We also have a Facebook and a LinkedIn page. There you can find interesting articles and news related to our Emotional Employment project.

-DEFOIN: Self-regulation and Stress tolerance.
-CPIP: Motivation andSelf-awareness shared with Aproximar.
-APROXIMAR: Self-trust and Self-awareness shared with CPIP.
-I&F: Personal Accountability and Time management 
-Diamond Building: Decision making + Teamwork and Communication + Assertiveness shared with MEH.
-MEH: Conflict solving + Anger management and Communication + Assertiveness shared with DB
If you are interested in the project and would like to participate please let us know by writing to the contact person in your country:
Liverpool, UK
Anna Bellan
Malaga, Spain
Javier Morales Luque
Córdoba, Spain
Maria Vazquez
administracion@diamondbuilding.esDublin, Ireland
Contact person 
Amadora, Portugal
Tiago Leitão and Joana Portugal
Timișoara, Romania
Ana-Maria Tanase